What is WordPress

WordPress is a popular web framework used on on over 19% of all the websites out there. It began as a blogging tool but has expanded into an all around web content management system (CMS).

We use WordPress in our sites for these reasons:

  • It’s customizable. The text and images that you want on your site are stored in a database and it’s the job of the CMS to retrieve that information and display it to your users. WordPress allows a back end designer the ability to take a custom design done in HTML and CSS and add the proper software hooks to pull in content from a database. By starting with the initial design and adding smarts to it, we never are forced to make something else look like your design. This means we don’t take existing designs and modify them for your site, but rather take your design and modify it for WordPress.

  • It’s open source. Open source means everyone has access to the source code. Mozilla Firefox and Android are examples of other popular open source software. Since everyone has access to the code, there is a large community of developers hunting for and fixing bugs. WordPress is also free so there are no licensing costs to deal with. Updates are also free and help us keep your site up to date and secure.

  • It’s designed to be social. WordPress started out as a blogging platform so keeping up with new trends is built in. Keeping your site updated with a blog is a great way to keep people returning to your site and interested in what you have to say. WordPress can connect with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and support comments to your posts.