Meet the Team

  • Stephanie Pompelio
  • Stevyn Pompelio

Web Designer

Stephanie Pompelio

Stephanie Pompelio

Hello! I began designing websites at the age of 16 when I took my first graphic design class in high school. Thirteen years later, here I am pursuing my passion “making things pretty”.

I have created and helped run a number of websites from law firms (Pompelio Law), media companies (InStyle, FoxNews, Billboard), healthcare companies (Rutgers RWJMS, Authentidate) to small local businesses.

I spent the past 8 years running and operating Sidewinder Multimedia while working full time as a designer. I now am on a mission to dedicate myself full time to my passion of client work.

I love educating my clients about how to use their websites. I’m a go-getter, and will dedicate myself to the success of your site.

I love clean, clear and creative websites which are easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to read. I like creating something unique and memorable.

What I enjoy most about this job is meeting and learning about different companies. The best part of my day is hearing how our team was able to help you succeed in your business goals.

My roles include: consulting, project management, design (print, web and identity) and support.

Web Developer

Stevyn Pompelio

Stevyn Pompelio

My interest for all things technology began at a very young age. Everything from robotics to electronics to software.

My interest in the web began at a young age when I realized the internet was overpopulated with cheesy animated gifs. One night I created a satirical website entitled “How to Make An Annoying Webpage” which still skyrockets in Google search results.

Flash-forward to today. I am a computer engineer designing robots and building websites with my wife Stephanie. Stephanie started creating sites and as the need for more back-end development increased, I took on a larger role.

I specialize in the back-end development of your website (PHP, WordPress, etc). How your page works, and how you are able to edit your pages is where I come in.

What I enjoy most developing websites is being able to make it easy for people to edit their own web pages. Everyone wants to put their unique spin on their website, but lots of other cookie cutter or pre-made templates limit that ability. Since we develop WordPress themes from scratch, there are no limits to what can go on your site and how it will look.

My roles include: developing the back-end code, writing Javascript to animate or style the site, and continued support after the site is deployed